Text Box: Our Core Values
Christ as the Head — 1 Corinthians 11:3
We believe that Christ is the head of this church body and we depend on Him to lead us in all of our activities that it would be pleasing to Him.
Biblical Teaching— John 1:14
We will teach the bible and it’s truths with the utmost integrity, it is the inspired word of God and we believe in its authority.
Unique Worship — Psalm 66:4
We desire to show God our praise through contemporary worship using technology that is relevant to our community.
Creativity — 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
We will use various events as our platform to spread Gods word to the world. Concerts, Block Parties and other outreach events at rodeos and western styled events that will draw the public to Gods word with music, multi-media and spoken word.
Prayer — Matthew 21:22
We will seek Gods direction through individual and corporate prayer in every stage of planning our church, each event and every meeting will begin and end with prayer.
Community — 1 Peter 4:11
We will serve our community by leading small groups in various neighborhoods that teach discipleship, biblical values, and be a witness for Christ in those communities.
Cultural — John 6:27
We will continue to meet the needs of our community through culturally relevant messages and teachings. We will constantly evaluate our messages and programs so that they stay in step with the world around us.
Family — Acts 13:6
We will nurture families and their faith in Christ with biblical teachings.

The cowboy way is a state of mind, something that when brought up brings on images of a simpler time. Hard work and the freedom of the trail ahead was a cowboy’s way of life. It wasn’t an easy life, days were long and the work was hard and dangerous.
Land of the Sky is a Cowboy style ministry providing outreach and church services with a Western theme.  The ministry consists of individual ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, young adult ministry and adult ministry and a Cowboy Church for Sunday worship.  Our name represents an attitude of going where God leads and spreading the Gospel in an area that is fertile for the message of Jesus Christ.